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Watanabe Kai Judo Club

At Watanabe Kai we practise Kodokan Judo, which is an effective martial art for self-defence, fitness and personal development. The club has a family atmosphere and new members are always welcome.
Members learn to use skill to overcome brute force. During normal practise participants can use throws, restraints, strangles and armlocks. Striking techniques, leg-locks, and weapon skills are safely practised in kata for experienced members.

AUTUMN TERM: Begins on September 9th, beginners welcome! Dates for club events to be confirmed soon. . .

2016 AREA KATA TOURNAMENT: Takes place on October 16th. We are expecting this to be held held at Crosby on Eden as usual.

DOJO UPDATE: We are expecting to return to Crosby on Eden Parish hall once the new floor has been laid in September. Until then, we will continue to train at Houghton C of E School.

Watanabe Kai's area champions

Congratulations to the club members who triumphed in the Cumbria and the Borders Kata Tournament.
Sebastian, Jack, Harri and Henry all won gold medals, and Ella and William won Silver.
Pictured here is the full article from the News & Star and the squad proudly showing off their medals.

Interested in joining us?

In order for beginners get the most out of judo, we have regular dates for new members to join, and offer an excellent deal which includes everything you need to get started.
If you are interested, we strongly recommend you drop in and watch a couple of classes first so you can see what we do firsthand and get to know the coaches and other club members. More information about joining Watanabe Kai, and some judo basics can be found HERE

Training times and dojo location

Watanabe Kai meets every Friday at Crosby on Eden Parish Hall. Crosby-on-Eden is a few miles north east of the centre of Carlisle, situated along the A689. Click here for more details and maps.
The first class, aimed at youngsters runs from 6.30pm to 8pm, and older youths and seniors train from 8pm to 9.30pm.
The club usually takes a break during the school summer and Christmas holidays, but continues to train on bank holidays.

Why do judo?

Judo has long been recognised as an excellent way to get fit or learn self defence. This article discusses judo and the benefits it can produce.

Understanding randori and shiai

Like any exercise, the full benefits of judo can only be achieved if you understand what specific exercises are designed to achieve.