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Watanabe Kai Judo Club

Crosby on Eden Parish Hall,
Low Crosby,

A word of warning to those who rely on satnavs or online maps: the postcode will get you to the village, but it will likely take you to the wrong end, down near the school or the church.

The Carlisle area

Crosby on Eden is on the A689 between Carlisle and Brampton.

If you are coming off the M6 motorway, exit at Junction 44, north of the city, and take the road past Houghton Hall Garden centre, so that you are travelling east on the A689.

If you are coming from further east, you will likely be on the A69. Once you reach Brampton, make sure you take the A689 and not the A69, and follow the road until you reach the village.

Crosby On Eden

The village of Crosby on Eden actually comprises two small settlements: Low Crosby and High Crosby.

Watanabe Kai is in the Parish Hall at the west end of Low Crosby.

If you are travelling from the west, take the first turn off the A689 marked for Crosby on Eden, which takes you onto the old Stanegate roman road. The Parish Hall is the first building on the left, right next to the 30mph s road signs.

If you are travelling from the east, and take the first signpost marked for Crosby on Eden, you will pass through High Crosby, then pass the church, the school and the Stag Inn. Keep going, and the Parish hall will be on your right just as you leave Low Crosby.

Bonus fact! The name Crosby comes from the old Norse Krossbyr, meaning hamlet by the cross. The cross probably referred to an old signpost or marker.

Crosby On Eden Parish Hall

The Parish Hall has plenty of parking, as well as a large playing field and a children's play area.